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Finding My Quiet Place

Aug 31, 2019

Co-owner of Maxine's On Shine, a popular restaurant in the Colonialtown South neighborhood of downtown Orlando, Kirt Earhart makes the job look easy. 

But the 40-hour weekends take a toll on mind and body, and Kirt has developed some methods to recharge, rebuild, and 'rejuicinate.'

Listen as we discuss "Kirt Thursdays," as well as how this business owner does the weekly bookkeeping while enjoying his quiet place at the same time. 

Also, from the "things we didn't know" file:  Kirt had a starring role in a film, and a small part as an extra in a popular 80's TV show. 

Photos made with a 1950s Rolleiflex twin-lens camera on Kodak Tri-X 120 film.