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Finding My Quiet Place

Jul 27, 2019

One of the quiet places that @bobkodzis finds regularly is his art studio. It’s anything but ‘quiet’, as he plays music while he creates his fantastical drawings, but it’s how he focuses his mind and centers himself.

His studio also contains guitars, in case he feels the need to create his own music.

He’s carefully curated a life in which he does all the things he loves as his career. He provides details and insights into how he managed to live the dream, as well as his other quiet places, in this enlightening interview.

Some of Bob's quotes from the interview:

"I’ve learned that stress is something is I do to myself."

"The only difference between stress and a bullet is the speed with which they kill you."

"Karma will not be trifled with."

"When people says nice things to you, receive it."