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Finding My Quiet Place

Nov 9, 2019

Get to know Phil Hoffman, and hear how he settles himself down when he's 'agitated'.

We spend time in his quiet place, which is his media room at home. On the wall, he has framed his favorite albums of all time. 

On this episode, we talk (among other things) about the difference between dropping the needle on a vinyl record and streaming songs on your phone. In addition to audio quality, there's something about taking in the songs sequentially, as the artist chose to organize them.

He tells us what is for him the Greatest Rock And Roll Song of all time, as well as which albums he can listen to start-to-finish. He also recommends his favorite stores to buy vinyl in Central Florida.

Photos made with a 1950s Rolleiflex twin-lens camera, on Kodak Tri-X 120 film.