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Finding My Quiet Place

Aug 10, 2019

This week's conversation is with Jamie Joyce, founder and CEO of the Society Library, and the Internet Government.

Here's how she describes her mission on  

"The Internet Government is a platform created to represent ideas themselves. We’re looking to create a better process for policy-making, and by better we mean more objective, more transparent, & more inclusive. We mean a more rigorous process in the pursuit of truth, for everyone’s benefit. It’s politics without the politics - and without the politicians."

That's clearly a tall order, and she's decided that this will be her life's work. Benjamin Franklin is her idol / hero, and when I photographed her in her quiet place, she had a bust of him on her desk, which is what is in focus in the cover art for this podcast. 

In this conversation, we talk about the power of making things — especially making things for others; and also, the importance of reading, and what an amazing object a book is, and how she's built this philosophy into her company culture. 

She goes to Burning Man regularly, and makes art and other stuff using everything from 3D printers to particle accelerators (listen to the podcast for details).

Her recommendations for new and interesting content...

MeaningWave by Akira The Don: